Looking after our planet
Looking after our future

At Focus Valves we are passionate about designing products that offer sustainable solutions in support of the health of the environment.

Our entire range of High Point Vents, De-gassers and Air Release Valves has been designed with developing environmental legislation and emission targets in mind.

Our innovative products allow 100% of all vented emissions to be captured and reinjected back into a gas line or other storage facility, as opposed to being directly released to atmosphere.

What’s different about a Focus valve

Dry emitted gas and the ability to handle back pressure are two essential requirements when capturing and reinjecting gas.

All our products are expressly designed to prevent mist & carry-over water from exiting the valve. Sounds easy, but considerable R&D was required to achieve the ultimate goal of “Dry Gas” release.

The valve range is also designed to accommodate back pressure on the seal system – this is the reverse pressure that is exerted on the seals from the gas line or storage facility when the outlet is hard plumbed.

All Focus products are “Reinjection Ready” to care for the environment

Gas capture and reinjection capability is standard on all our products straight out of the box.

This means that not only new Greenfield developments can installed to capture and reinject vented gas, but any Brownfield developments (existing Focus products in the field) can be retrospectively set up to capture and reinject their emissions.

Using a Focus valve and hard plumbing the outlet totally eliminates environmentally harmful methane/carbon emissions and greatly assists Companies in achieving their emissions reduction and decarbonisation targets.

The outlet of any Focus Valve can be hard plumbed to totally eliminate direct gas emissions to atmosphere